Nov 13

Home Based Business Ideas School Solution Top Two!

Home based business ideas are on the front burner for some 72%-78% of US households, according to recent public opinion polls.

Corporate downsizing, uncertainty, and the economic recession have created the urgency for more families to finally evaluate their home business ideas and opportunities.

Human nature is that organizations and individuals will not change,until forced to by someone, or circumstances! Well, the urgent circumstances are here. Continue reading →

Oct 13

Legitimate Internet Business Become like Google!

Your search for a legitimate internet business can begin and end with you, simply by creating your own.


For instance,you can make money by launching a niche search engine serving a particular market. National Parks, hunting, Las Vegas, Jewelry, diving, boats, travel, real estate, etc, etc, etc. Continue reading →

Sep 13

The Health and Wellness Business Revolution

Money making ideas will come from being one of the first of the exploding Health and Wellness Business Revolution.

Sales in Health and Wellness business products etc have gone from some two hundred billion in 2002, to some five hundred billion today. One trillion is on the horizon. Continue reading →

Aug 13

Internet Business Opportunities Write & Sell eBooks!

Internet business opportunities could pinpoint a problem you could solve by writing an eBook!

What about, I don’t know where to begin.


You are going to begin by searching for your niche market. The niche market you identified by analyzing your education, training, and interests with Wordtracker.

If you have already done that, then you should already know what people are searching for, what problems they want to solve. Get in there and dig around, scratch your head, search some more and you will find some good eBook subjects! Problems that people want to solve. Continue reading →

Aug 13

Advance the Odds of Conceiving a Boy

Throughout a history, there have been instances of people trying their best to discover how to make conceiving a boy as opposed to a girl a sure thing. Well, it is safe to say that none in the distant past seemed to get it spot on, but some might have come close. Of course, now we know that the science is supposedly there to make gender selection possible, but it would be incredibly expensive to use that method. However, there are many suggestions that folks through time and across cultures have sworn by which supposedly helps increase the odds of conceiving a boy. Continue reading →

Jul 13

Link Authority Review

I’ve not come across linkauthority before, it sounds interesting, can you tell me more about how you utilize that service please?

Linkauthority is a blog network like Build My Rank or Blog Blueprint but the advantage it has is that all posts get reviewed by a reader and the network is made up of a lot of peoples personal sites. This results in what I believe will be a more stable blog network that does not get abused. The other great thing is that if you add one of your high PR expired domains to the site then you get to post articles to the network for free!  I do not post articles and link directly to my money site still but I do have my VA build links to every second tier property I have from link authority. IE I use link authority to build links to my YouTube videos, Web 2.0 properties, expired domain feeder sites and any other site I have that I want to build link juice with.

I have up to now just been buying related domains with PR and hosting them on weebly, webnode, tumblr etc and just pointing the DNS name servers accordingly to use the domain name which solved the different ip address issue. I wasn’t really aware of this 301/404 problem but I think in future I will host the network on ixwebhosting as you do and utilise try one of those plugins out.

I keep hearing Becker bang on about how powerful these PR5 links are and I’m getting impatient to snap one up and see just what they can do but I’m trying to avoid an impulse boy and retain some relevancy if possible. It’s interesting keeping tabs and seeing what sells for what, I might even try flipping a few in the future. It sounds like you stick around the PR3 with relevancy area with domains which is what I’m doing predominantly myself.

Good advice! Especially when you realise just how much a full campaighn does cost. It puts a lot more onus on the keyword research as well. I’ve been studying this stuff for 18 months now on and off, then I had a motorbike accident in October that wiped me out for 6 months and left me unable to work which was frustrating. Since March I’ve been playing catch up and now I just want these sites online and able to experiment with. I will take stock after that assess how to progress. I think the repetition process is good to learn everything throughly and then when I outsource next year it should be a breeze.

That’s another good point. I’ve often found myself doing the forum surfing and rank checking thing too much on ocassions and sometimes I do find valuable information, but I’ve had to structure my day and make specific goals at the start of the week and for each day now. When I say working full time I still have to manage my main business but I work from home and there are days where I have many hours free, which is how I became interested in this whole scene. I have to sit at my computer between 09:00-18:00 anyway so I figured I need something to keep me occupied when I’m not busy. I’ve been bitten by the bug with this seo stuff at the moment but I’m also looking to have a dabble into the kindle publishing, I’m 4 weeks into a course doing that so I’m working alternative days on kindle/websites. It adds more diversity to the portfolio and I think these kindle books can combine well with the websites, moving forward, so I think it’s a good move. It’s been quite an intense year so far though, and will continue to be! But come the end of the year I should be well positioned.

Jul 13

How to Make Money Online: The GURU Roadmap!

If you want to learn how to make money online, you first need to create a sales model.

  1. Wordtracker to Identify the Niche Market–Use Wordtracker to examine all your education, training, interests and experience to identify your niche market.
  2. Identify a Product to Sell Your research has shown you exactly what your niche market is searching for. Give it to them. How, by either creating it yourself, or by selling them an affiliate product.

An affiliate product that meets your markets need that you locate on clickbank. Continue reading →

Jun 13

MLM Opportunities Go for the GOLD!

MLM opportunities cover the complete range of products and services. There are some 1,000 MLM companies in the US, and 3,000 worldwide.

MLM is a method of distribution used by companies, instead of or in addition to selling products at retail.


The US market alone is estimated at some thirty billion dollars, worldwide approximately eighty billion dollars. And growing at a rate as high as 15%!

Some 10-15 million distributors are involved in an MLM opportunity in the US, Worldwide some 35 million. Some 175,000 join MLM in the US each week. Continue reading →

May 13

Internet Business Ideas How to Validate!

Internet Business Ideas have been rattling around in your brain for years, but somehow you haven’t pursued it until now.Today’s recession and economic uncertainty changed that!

Internet Business Ideas After much soul searching you narrow the possibilities down to Internet business ideas because:

Wants and Needs

You would prefer to work from home.

You also realize that you need some time flexibility for family time. Continue reading →

Apr 13

Work at Home Mom Insiders Top Two!

A work at home mom is suddenly a top priority in many households. Women are said to be taking the biggest hit in the recession. A home based business finally,and more time with the family? Some moms are returning to school, however the cost is very high.
Some of the most widely mentioned work at home mom jobs:

Gift baskets, balloon and candy delivery, pick-up and delivery pet grooming, food catering, word processing, kids parties, day care, family tree research, making wreaths/ costumes, herb gardening, senior helpers, t-shirts, soap making, candles, greeting cards, baking, antiques, child tutoring, event planner, sewing, travel agent, camps for kids, puppet shows, stuffed animals, needlework etc, etc. Continue reading →